Free Hair Vendor List: 50+ Wholesale Hair Vendors

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This article is going to provide you with a complete list of top hair vendors (Updated for 2019)

But First

In this article we are going to cover:

  • Hair Vendor List Exposed

  • Finding The Right Hair Vendor

  • Our FREE Hair Vendor List

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We have a Free Hair Vendor List PDF available for download that covers everything in this article.

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Disclaimer:  We do not use any of these vendors so we can't validate whether or not the hair is bad.

Which is why this list is community generated and you the people will judge which vendors should be on the list or taken off.

Majority of these vendors are used by people I know that have quite a few clients.

The other vendors on this list don't show the common signs of being a scam.

Hair Vendor Lists Exposed

I have heard of a lot of woman having success from their purchased vendor list but I have also heard of a lot of the scams.

And with the amount of woman that want to start hair business becoming more and more the scams are increasing as well.

For the most part these scammers are picking random names on Aliexpress or they are reselling other vendors lists as their own.

The bad part is there is next to no way to know the quality of the vendor list you are going to buy other than asking if anyone has used it.

And obviously anyone could just take the vendors from this list and sell it.

Keep that in mind.

I do want to say that this is by no means the only good vendors out there.

And there are genuinely good vendor lists for sale.

This is just a list compiled by my Facebook group from members that are willing to share.

Remember even if you buy a list you still NEED to test the hair before selling it.

Take your time, do your research, and always wear the hair before you sale it.

Another annoying thing that has been happening is that people will direct you to a website to buy their vendor list.

Before you can even see the price they ask for your email.

They do this in case you don’t buy their list they can sell your email to a Chinese vendor and still walk away with a profit.

If you decide to buy a list, make a gmail account seperate from your main one.


 Finding The Right Hair Vendor

How do you know if you found the right vendor?

For the most part the only way to really know if you have found the right vendor is by purchasing a sample and test the hair.

Your going to want to wear the hair for about a month and run it through the grind.

Do a bleach test and a burn test.

Ask open ended questions.

Another great strategy is searching on youtube and contacting the people that have actually bought the hair instead of the youtuber’s opinion.


You can send them something like this. “My name is _ and I’m interested in your products. Specifically your _. Could you message me on WhatsApp at _, look forward to hearing from you.

Try to Negotiate

If I buy (x) amount of product could we do free shipping or a percentage discount.



What questions do you ask your vendor when purchasing raw hair ?

Here are some great questions you can ask your vendor:

Tell me about the hair?

What makes your hair better than everyone else

What do you do to remove the lice in hair?

Are your bundles double wefted or triple wefted?

Whats the difference in your grades?

Is it raw, virgin, or remy?

Are the cuticles aligned?

Is it processed or unprocessed?

Do you have the certificate of authenticity?

Is it hand or machine made.

Where is it sourced from?

Can it be washed/colored/takes heating tools.?



If the hair vendor only offers hair that can be bleached to #27 instead of #613 should I still buy?

#27 hair is still good and remember bleaching to #613 can cause shedding so take that into account

What should I do if a hair vendor follows me on social media?

Block them immediately. They are most likely looking to advertise/steal your clients

Is it normal for a vendor to charge you a Paypal fee on top of the shipping fee?

Yes, for most it will be a 5%- 9% fee on top of the total price.

The reason they do this is because Paypal takes a fee out of the sell so they are charging to make sure they get payed in full.

Some vendors have yet to start doing this so that might be something to look into

If you talk to your legal adviser it might be a tax write off

One thing to note it is actually against PayPal policy for companies to do this.

If you bring this up to a vendor that is trying this they most likely wont charge a fee for fear of being reported


 How do I test the hair from vendors?

The main thing to do is to wear the hair for 1-2 months to make sure it is good enough to sell.

Look for light to no hair smell.

The ends should be full and the same texture as the rest of the hair.

Feel to see how soft it is.

cut the wefts to see if it sheds at all.

Bleach a bundle to see if it will go to 613.

Color it to see if it takes it well.

Inspect for short pieces.

Take it to the gym and sweat it in it.

Curl it and see if the curls hold.

Sleep on it without a bonnet.

The hair may shed a little after you co wash it.

What are some tips on what to look out for with crappy vendors?

Ask many questions regarding their hair.

Ask for Whatsapp conversations with their previous customers.(reviews)

Ask for videos of their factory and of them washing the hair,

Video chat with them and have them show you everything.

Ask for reviews from other customers.

Ask for videos of them sending hair off to other customers.

Google the vendor

Request their social media pages.

Find vendors that use PayPal.

Pay through western union ONLY if you trust them.

Look for certain details in their pictures.


Have a Vendor Suggestion?

Email us and we will review it.

If the vendor is good or bad let us know.

Name *



This was quite a difficult list to put together

Especially when it comes to YouTube. because

the majority of the people on there that recommend hair are the ones being paid $400-$2000 per hair review video.

Not only that, they are receiving the BEST hair that company has.

So you cant really trust what they say.

So we have criteria we are going to follow to ensure you find companies that aren’t going to scam you for your money.

- Youtube every company to see if they have bad reviews in the comment section

- See if those companies have a website.

- Trust Signals such as Instagram account or gallery of real women wearing their hair

- Watch out for Excessive use of stock photos

- Fake addresses

- Bad comments on Youtube

But the best review of companies come from the members at “The Hair Money Making Guide” Facebook Group

5 Star Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors



Cexxy Hair


Oneplus Hair

SnowDrop Hair +86 139 3748 4370

KBL Hair

Mona Virgin Hair +86 135 9272 3014

HJ Weave Beauty Hair

Elesis Virgin Hair +86 150 1313 9543

So Attractive Hair

Beauty Long Hair +86 158 8995 6956

Miss Baoli Hair +86 180 5322 2679

Blue Forest hair

KaBanDi Hair +86 136 6067 8007

Bhawani Enterprise

Ali Girl Hair +86 130 2204 4783

CS Queen Hair

Rockin Hair Inc

GooGoo Hair

Baisi hair

VSR Hair +86 155 7596 2417

JP Hair

TD Hair +86 151 5440 0568

5 Star Wholesale Raw Indian Vendors


Banga Export

Blessing Enterprises +919176132306

Remypatra Products Enterprises

Eraiyaval Export +919840222968

Cheap Indian Plug +919003111584

ASHISH CHADHA +91 90 3476 6000


Indian Human Hair Company +91 96 0016 7509

AK Enterprises +91 90 3476 6000

Apex Raw Indian +919600167509

5 Star Wholesale Burmese Hair Vendors


Tet Nay Lin +95 9775145650

N.S Enterprise Trading Co. +95 9 515 5258

Vietglobal Trade Co. +84 90628 9839

5 Star Indonesian Hair Vendors


Jack Ti +84963111901

5 Star Wholesale Cambodian Hair Vendors


UniHair +84 96468 8943

Vietglobal Trade Co. +84 90628 9839

Cambodian Raw Hair +85512421922   

5 Star Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Vendors


Remy Virgin Wholesale Hair +84981057321

5 Star Wholesale Drop-Ship and Private Label Hair Vendors


Private Label Hair Extensions

Wealthy Hair

5 Star Wholesale Wig Vendors


Beata Hair

CS Queen Hair

Fab Wigs

Hair ViVi

5 Star 613 Wholesale Hair Vendor


Viya Hair

5 Star Wholesale Braided Wig Vendors


Olaide Braids

Super Fine Swiss Lace Closure Vendors

(Also known as HD Lace Front)

Guangzhou Loks Hair Products Limited

Xuchang Huashuo Hair Products 

5 Star US-Based Virgin Hair Vendors


Queen Hair Bundles

Hair Vendors Used By Celebrities

Apex Raw Indian

Cheap Indian Plug

Banga Export

Remypatra Products Enterprises

Amutha Enterprises

Eraiyaval Export


Eraiyaval Exports


Sunnymay Hair

Derunhair Company

Myo KoKo


KAbeilu Hair

Derun Hair

Berry Fashion Hair


Vietnam Hair Store

Mayflower Virgin Hair

N.S Enterprise Trading

Myo Koko

Arsion Hair

Malaysian Vendor +60 17-278 2371

El Milano Extensions +998 97 224 45 30

South American Hair ‪+54 9 387 442-6902

Sambo Extentions ‪+855 12 421 922

Sambath ‪+855 77 737 737

‪Indian Remy Single Drawn +919003111584

‪Allure Premium Hair +91 98400 50854

‪KNS Human Hair & Co. +91 98844 63405

‪Blessings Enterprises +919176132306

‪Sunnymay +8615166065153

‪KBL +8613544332082

‪Truescend Virgin Hair + 8618520119656

‪Burmese Remy Single Weft +959265408622

‪RAW Malaysian Hair +60172782371

‪RawHumanHair Viet Nam Import/export +84963111901

‪Cambodian Raw Hair +85512421922        

‪Human Hair Argentina +5493874426902

‪Tienphathair +84 163 271 6886

‪Hair Boutique India +91 98402 22968

‪Sri Balaji Exports +919940162216

‪+86 156 2509 6635

And…These Wholesale Hair Vendors

star 2.jpg

Wow African

Gemini Goddess Hair

Virgin Hair Indonesia (Low quality closures)

Remy exports



Donors Hair

Renee Hair

Celie Hair

Queen Weave Beauty

Virgin Hair Extension (low quality deep wave)

Pegasus Hair

Kyes & Co


Quindao Haiyi

Kabeilu Hair

Galex Esii Hair

My Dream Hair

Rawhairvietnam (excessive matting, tangling, and shedding)

Adorable Hair suppliers

Adorable Indian Hair

Priyankal human hair

Loks Hair

XBL Hair

A.L. Kishore


Shree nidhi hair

Gupta hair enterprise

Hair Exim India Private Limited

Gyunti Humana hair enterprises


Remy_Exporter (people have noted hair was never delivered)

Shree nidhi hair

VIP sister hair (China)

Dansin Hair


New One Hair



Derun hair

Ishow hair

Geleisi Hair

Amutha Hair


Ideal Hair(mats)

Mymy Hair

Mic Hair (hair matts up, tangles, and sheds)

Vietnam Remy Hair

Angkor Cambodian Hair

Vuy hair vietnam


Sunnymay Hair



Cranberry hair

Fabulous Hair

Jrx hair

Mejor Milagros


Basha hair


Dansin-Dopa Hair

Bolin Hair

Angela Clarke Modern Concepts

Bellshire hair company (can not be bleached)

Blue Box Hair



Selene Hair

Linny Hair (bad quality hair)





Mixed Reviews for These Hair Vendors

ACME hair

Beauty Stage

Truscend hair (Buy Top Hair Only)


Sexy Lady Hair



Amutha Enterprises

BBoss Hair +86 138 2213 6034

GS Hair

Viya Hair


Mcsara hair



Fabulengths Hair

Blue Box Hair

Candy Ma



Wiyisa hair

Just Hair USA

Unknown Hair Vendors

Le Classique Impex +91 9941189005

Naing Myanmar Hair +95 9 515 5258

Bella Hararo +91 7191008225

Saanvi Impex +91 7738991917

Indian Hair Ext. Inc +91 94404 78596


Shine Beauty Hair Co.

Fayuan hair

Immortal Virgin Hair

New One Hair

AMG Hair

Intuition hair

Swaglady hair

Trio Hair Company

Moon Hair

Manka Hair

Human hair factory


Luwell hair



Dopa hair


Dream Hair Factory

IHS/ International Hair Solutions

Beauty Spree Hair

Dijon Hair Factory



SEA Hair


7stars Hair

VipLovely Hair

Wig Vendors

Shy Wigs

April Lace Wigs

Wholesale Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

I know a lot of ladies will look to use Aliexpress to find a vendor.

Even though I strongly don't recommend doing that, I will list the top companies

  • Asteria

  • Youwin Hair

  • Luvin Hair

  • Peerless Hair

  • Ali Pearl Hair

  • Yolissa Hair

  • Amazing Hair

  • Fabwigs

  • Isee Hair

  • Cexxy Hair

  • Slovehairshop

  • Moxika

  • Satia Hair

  • Beoos Hair

  • Virgo Hair

  • Lumiere Hair

  • New Star Hair

Wholesale Hair Vendors on Amazon

  • Alimoda / Lemoda

  • Cynosure

Wholesale Hair Vendors on DHgate

  • Uglamhair

Trash Companies

I need your help to make this list complete.  Please comment which company should be on here on which one should be taken off the list. 

Together we can build a vendor list that will help all ladies from being scammed.  

March 11, 2018


Barbara Morise2 Comments