Starting A Hair Business? Here's What Others Did!!!


I am the owner of Peripheral Beauty LLC. I started my hair company selling bundles/lace frontals/ closures last month. I’ve been working on this company for a nearly a year. It started as a thought; supplying others with high quality hair that would last more than a month. Last year on my birthday I spent over $200 on getting my hair done and it didn’t last more than a month. So you can imagine I felt played. At the same time I was over exerting myself trying to go class and work and attend to my daughter. It became overwhelming; having to be up during the day for my daughter-class and up all night for work. My social life was non existent. Over winter break I begin looking at more YouTube videos on how to start a business. By the grace of God I was able to apply for my LLC and start making steps toward my ultimate goal; owning my own hair boutique. It took me 6 months to get to this point- testing out vendors/ starting my own website- I’ve made two sales so far and can’t wait to be like I’ve made 1000 sales this month! Lol . One thing I must say is to stay encourage- find YouTubers or Influencers/friends &family that are positive! And who can help motivate you daily! Remove yourself from toxic people and stay positive! If you aren’t willingly to do it for yourself why would someone else! Trust and believe in yourself - your dream! One film that helped me tremendously was watching this movie called the Secret - it’s on Netflix and I believe on YouTube! Stay Inspired and keep moving forward 💕❤️

Barbara MoriseComment