Easy Guide for Hair Photoshoots

Hair Photoshoot

Most business owners recommend just paying for everything to have a smoother process and less confusion

What will you possibly have to pay for at the photoshoot?








Courtesy of Ken Patterson Hair

Courtesy of Ken Patterson Hair


Some photoshoots can cost as much as $400 per girl. But honestly, if you are providing everything, then there is no reason to pay models.  If anything you can offer them a discount if they decide to buy the hair.

 Local photographers can be a budget friendly option.

They usually have cheaper rates

The common cost for hiring a photographer can be $450-$1000 depending on your hair company needs. 

Most of the time this usually include professional editing.

Around 400-500 for the hairstylist, the clothing, and whether or not you provide food

Goodie bags will cost around $30

If there is a college nearby. Some students will even do it and edit the photos for free or extremely cheap.

Courtesy of a1obessions

Courtesy of a1obessions

 Partner with a fashion retailer that has photo shoots of their clothing/products.

 They always need hair and makeup done so offer to supply hair and make sure you get images from the shoot.

You guys can all help each other for little or no cost.

partner with several stylist

You can start a brand ambassador program to encourage beauty bloggers, and influencer to promote your photos.

Another option is reach out to influencers in the beauty in



How do you go about starting a brand ambassador program?

 There are several different variations of a brand ambassador program

Here are a couple:

If your customers tag you in a selfie off the new hair offer them a 10% discount on their next purchase

You can run a referral program where you give them a % of the profit every time they bring you a client

If they send 2 people to you they get a free bundle

Offer a Loyal Customer Card that gives them a free bundle after 5 purchases or if they spend more the (x) amount of dollars

You can offer free hair to woman that a good following. (This option really needs to be worth your while)

Do you need to do a photo shoot before you set up your Website?

You don’t you can always save up for your photo shoot.

Remember you don’t have to do everything at once.

Take it slow and don’t go broke

Team up with a fashion brand.

  If you provide the hair they will let you use the photos for free.

Popular Hair

To save money, you might want to have your models wear the most popular hair unless you can afford to have every type.

But it will get pricey the more models you have plus hair and makeup for everyone.

Body wave and kinky curly seem to be the most popular.


Hair too expensive to compensate

If your hair is too costly to use as payments to the models here are some options

-    They can purchase the hair and have it installed for free

-    You can pay for the photo shoot and their makeup

-    You can have them wear a wig and sell the wig at a discounted cost after the photoshoot then use the photos to advertise the wig

-    If they purchase the hair, you can use that money to pay for the photo shoot and the makeup.

-    Take the wigs back after the photo shoot.

-    Be the face of the photoshoot, and you can cut the model costs altogether.

-    Find friends or family that will do it for free or owes you a favor.


Giving the models the hair

Giving the models the hair is a good option IF you make them a brand ambassador or if you have hair you just merely can’t sell for whatever reason. 

Have them sign a contract that gives them a discount for promoting the hair or compensation.

Believe me, once they see how they look in the wig after the photos are processed they WILL buy.


How do you plan your photoshoot

You can charge the models for the makeup applications or the photos themselves.

Doing this will give the models access to pro photos after the photo shoot that they can use to build their portfolio

Some photographers will do a test for print to build their portfolio


Contact a photographer and see if he/she have models available that they have worked with prior.


Who do you hire

College students are a cheap option as they would be happy just to get featured on a site or photos to add to their Instagram

Find an up-and-coming photographer hairstylist and makeup artist who were willing to work for experience, and you won't have to pay anything for my team and more than likely your models will work to build their portfolio.

Have wigs made and you can allow them to purchase the wigs at discounted prices after the shoot.

Another option is finding people that are suffering from hair loss.

If you find an organization, then you can write the hair off on taxes.

If you're having a hard time finding models, then make an Instagram post.  There are quite a few models that will do this for free. Just make sure they sign a release waiver.



Smartphone camera technology is fantastic and can be a better option if you're bootstrapped for cash. 

Take the pictures on your smartphone gives you the option of cropping and uploading on the fly.


Benefits of a photoshoot

Brand awareness

Could possibly increase sales

Build a look book on my Instagram

Different looks will appeal to different people.

Remember have fun and rock that hair photoshoot!!

I’m having my hair photoshoot on the beach should I only use my brand colors or different bathing suit colors?

Do at least a couple of them with your brand colors and experiment from there.

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