Easy Guide To Get More Hair Sales

When you first started your business you had high hopes and your motivation was through the roof.

But now things aren’t going right

Do any of these apply to you:

  • Getting Mentally exhausted and not sure what your doing wrong

  • You aren’t making any sales

  • You’re feeling discouraged

  • Unmotivated

  • Your watching money leave instead of coming in

  • You used your tax money to start your hair business and now your in the hole

  • Your ready to give up

  • Or maybe you already had a business and closed it.

  • You already work full time and you have to support your family

  • Your paying for your LLC and wondering if you should just let it go.

These are very common things a lot of people feel when starting a hair business so don’t think you are the only one going through this.



Let us see if there are some things that you might be doing wrong off the start.

Are you wearing your hair?

Is the hair on your head currently what you are selling to your customers?

A huge problem that a lot of women run into is that they are selling a product that they aren’t even wearing themselves.

You are the most excellent marketing tool, and if the hair on your head looks like a rat trap, then your sales will be zero.

Can I still promote the hair even if I don’t wear it?

  • Yes, a lot of people make money in the hair business and don’t wear the hair themselves. Someone else will just be the face of your company


Do you have the hair on hand?

I dig deeper on this topic in this article: Not Having The Hair On Hand.

The majority of the time women need the hair at that moment.

So if a potential customer contacts you about specific lengths and you don’t have them, then you will most likely lose that sell.

Losing a sell isn't always a bad thing.

Now you know the type of hair and lengths that they like.

Keep their information, and they will possibly be a future client.

If you didn't have the hair on hand, how did you keep that client or did you lose the sale altogether?

-Is your website working correctly?-

Now yes this seems silly, but even I have had issues with certain parts of my website that I just forgot to activate.

Make sure that your website works on mobile as that is what will be giving you the majority of your sales.


Does the quality of your hair meet the current expectations of your clients?

If your hair is not what people had wanted they likely won't send you a review and client photo to add to your gallery.

Not having customer photos can lead to people looking at your website or Instagram and wondering why you don’t have pictures of anyone wearing your hair.



Your prices need to equal that of your target audience.

What I mean by this is that if you're trying to sell to women that are already living paycheck to paycheck and making their dollar stretch you're going to want to sell hair that they can afford.

One of the many issues that follow this is quality.


Is word of mouth about your hair good or bad?

Everyone seems to know everybody and with social media that has never been truer.

If women are telling their friends and family how bad the hair is then that is money you will never see. 

And if women start blowing you up on Facebook, that’s a bigger problem within itself.

Crutching on family and friend support

The hard truth is that when your family or friends say they will support your new business when it comes time to sell to them more times than not they won’t buy. 

Or they will say they can get it cheaper from the beauty supply.

If you depend too much on this support system, it will most likely be your downfall.

You need to find ways to motivate yourself without needing anyone.

Facebook group is full of women that are doing the same thing you are. 

They will show you more support than anyone and help guide you through roadblocks.



As with anything if you aren’t being consistent with your promoting your growth will be little to nonexistent.

I asked over 30 people how they all got their first sale, and the number answer was being consistent in everything. Tips For Making That First Sale

Don’t wait for people to call or text you.

Find your customers and let them know about your business.

You can do this by posting regularly and finding what posts people engage with more.

But don’t pitch a sell every time you post.

Inform or be funny.

 There are multiple ways to increase your hair sales


Here are a few:

Look at doing discounts for every holiday of the year


Flash Sales

Whether your vendor is doing a flash sale or you are doing a deal, it is a great way to fill your inventory or get your business known.


Throw a Private Hair Party

A great idea to build awareness for your brand is by hosting a private hair party

What is a private hair party?

You would invite women over to your house and have lots of hair on hand and have a sheet for them to sign up pre-orders. Have food, appetizers, and drinks.

Talk about your business and your hair, offer discounts, let them feel the textures, etc.

Wear your company shirts and decorate with your company colors.

Have them invite their friends, co-workers, family, etc. the best thing you could do is have inventory and have a sale on the hair.

I sell raw hair so any length would be $99.

For every bundle sold your host would get $10 store credit, and she or he could use it towards their purchase.

How much can you make?

Many have commented on getting $4000 to $8000 in sales from a single hair party of around 30 women

Host a hair party on a private FB group in your local area.

Keep engaged and inform them of updates that way by the time they arrive at the party they will be ready to buy

In case you sell out make sure you ship out their orders as soon as possible

If you have it, bring enough inventory to supply the majority if not all the ladies that come to the party.

If you can bring someone to model your hair while also helping you with questions that will be a big plus and keep you from getting worn out too fast.

Write down any ideas you might have

Any plans to make your party unique will go a long way with making it memorable.

Create a Theme

A lot of ladies want wigs so bring already made wigs in popular lengths.

Private Hair parties are going to be your best friend.

These are an excellent way to make sales and get your name out mainly because being a new company people are skeptical of buying with no reviews present.

Having the hair there gives them a way to touch it physically.

There’s a lot of money to be made at these! Don’t leave anything on the table!


Advertise on Google


Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

Sometimes it helps to come up with a reasonable target income and try to achieve it every week.

Don’t depend solely on website visitors to make sales.

Improve your website

But let us dig more into the website aspect.

My website is getting visits but no one is buying.

If your visits are coming from social media, it might be a niche specific issue.

Which means that your followers are following for something other than the fact that you sell hair.

So you would have a low conversion rate.

If your visits are coming in organically from google then you will want to take a look at the keywords you are ranking for.

A well-organized website goes a long way.

Having sales through your website will be the most passive income you will ever make.

But it can be frustrating seeing visitors and no sale.

When it comes to sales through websites about 1000 visitors equals one sale or 5 abandoned carts.

So you need to work on increasing traffic to your website.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but the most instant results would be people from social media coming to your site.

An easy way to do this is if you post a picture of a woman or you wearing your hair attach a link in the description.

It wouldn’t seem like it but offering free shipping doesn’t make an impact on online sales. 

You would think it would, but I haven’t found that to be the case.

Depending on how tech savvy you are you can look at the analytics and find out what page people are leaving your site on


Hair Giveaways

Hair giveaways are a chance for you to not only get your brand out there, but you will have more engagement in your posts.

The main benefit of this is that more engagement will equal more shares and that’s free advertising.


Find a brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors will help you promote your brand to a broader range of potential customers.

-Build an email list-

MailChimp is a great go-to for this.

Offer them a coupon code

 Coupon codes are a simple incentive to get your customers to buy instead of leaving you with an empty or abandoned cart.



Pay a Youtuber to Promote your hair

Paying a YouTuber to promote your hair can work well to bring in potential customers, and it gives you quite a bit of exposure.

Before hiring one make sure that they’re followers are focused on hair.

Specific needs will give you the most bang for your buck.

If they are an influencer with 200k-1m followers, you might have to send them the hair for free.

You can offer PR boxes to IG members who have a big following !! Make a great flyer with your logo to show off your product!!



Hair Launch Parties

Hair launch parties are a good way to hype your business.

You can use Facebook events to promote your launch party or make posts on Instagram.



It's really easy to lose money from promoting your hair.

One strategy will work for someone else and not for you.

I say spend as little as possible to test out what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t hire someone until you have tried it yourself.

Take advantage of free marketing tools in the beginning.

Look into taking a marketing class before spending money on marketing.

I get constant emails from companies telling me they will promote my brand.

And once I ask them questions that I am VERY knowledgeable in they don’t reply.

Growing takes time, patience, and consistency.

Talk to people

Pass Out Cards and Flyers

Promote promote promote

Promoting seems like an obvious suggestion, but sometimes people get lazy and wait for people to call them instead of passing out cards and flyers every chance they get.

If you see someone have a bad hair day give them a card.

Another strategy you can use is if they ask where you got your hair from, tell them the website, don’t even say it’s your website.

Add hair care advice on the back of your flyer.

Advice like this builds trust and could encourage them to buy from you.


Network with Salons and Hair Stylists

 Having a relationship with a popular hair stylist will improve your chances of selling your hair.

Create a Social Media Marketing Calendar.

Create a Plan to schedule your social media post.

Facebook and Instagram ads will work well if you know your target audience, but you will have to put yourself out there.

Pass out your business cards/flyers wherever you go and wear your hair.

Learn to Make Wigs

How many have found that selling wigs instead of just selling bundles increased their sales

Improve your Social Network

First, you must focus on building your business page.

Use examples from other people to give you an idea of what you want to achieve with yours.

Be sure to answer peoples questions or inquiries as soon as possible.

Regularly update your Facebook and Instagram page with either you or your customers wearing your hair. 

List the type of hair the lengths and the prices in every photo.

Post consistently every single day about your hair


Use Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and what you have to offer.

You can always do a giveaway for people that stay and watch the entire thing.

Tell them to share the live feed then type SHARE in the comments to be entered in the giveaway.

Talk about where your hair comes from, how long it lasts etc.



Make it a point to get a review every time you sell to someone. 

Have that person tag you in the review if it's on Facebook.

Their friends will see it, and that is an immediate trust signal.

Have them record a short video showcasing the hair once its in.

You can use that review as your next ad.

Also, post your clients pictures in the reviews and the same section as your shop.



Answer questions

If you answer all of their questions, you become a subject matter expert, and they will see you as such.

This honesty alone builds trust.


Post In Facebook Stories

Post what you are doing such as making applying bundle wraps or getting a customer's order ready.


Find a Business Coach

While this may cost, the lessons business coaches teach will provide you with enough information to give you motivation to start your business and keep it up and running.



Think about this. I haven't changed my prices in a year, and I still bring in more and more clients.

Let us talk about how to bring in new clients.

The key to increasing your hair sales is being consistent and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Time and dedication

You need to be able to do this without leaning on support from others whether that be emotional or monetary. 

One example is if you ask people if you had this particular item would they buy it, 

They say yes and when the time comes they never buy or you never hear from them again.

 Starting a hair business is a long process that will have a lot of ups and down’s and learning along the way.



Sometimes all you need is a little motivation to get your heart and mind in the right place.

Aside from the few hair groups, there are a lot of motivation groups for business owners.

Do This For More Sales On Your Website

I am going to go over why you are getting little to no sales on your website

So your website is finished and looks beautiful, but you haven’t made any sales in months.

I’m going to use a website in the same position you are in along with step by step of what you need to do.

no sales 1.png

The site we are using is renevirginhaircompany.com.

They sell hair and lashes, but for the sake of the article, we are going to just stick to virgin hair.

It's a beautiful website, but to get sales, you have to have traffic

To get traffic, Google has to send traffic your way.

There are 2 ways of doing this: The FREE way or the EXPENSIVE way.

Let's focus on the FREE way.

I typed “renevirginaircompany.com” into a website called semrush.com to see if Google has ranked them for any keywords.

Keywords are what Google uses to recognize what your website is about. (Virgin hair, Indian Virgin Hair, etc.)

no sales 2.png

They rank for nothing.

Which is normal when your just starting out even if your website has been up for 6 months to a year.

So right now Google sees this website as spam.

Just because there is not enough content to prove it otherwise.

The next step you need to do is create an article about your hair with keywords that you want to rank for.

So let us find some keywords that will be easy to rank for to start getting some traffic.

The first thing you will want to do is go to a website called semrush.com and type in “Virgin Hair” or w/e keyword you're trying to rank for.

no sales 3.png

This will pull up a massive list of keywords relating to virgin hair.

KD means Keyword Difficulty (How hard will it be to rank your website for a particular keyword)

no sales 4.png

Ranking for “3 bundles of virgin Brazilian hair sale” will bring in your website roughly 10 people a month.

This might not seem like a lot, but those 10 people are more likely to buy your product than 1000 people that only searched “Virgin Hair.”

All that is left for you to do now is create an article relating to “3 bundles of virgin Brazilian hair sale.”

Your article should be 1500 to 2000 words.

It can take weeks to months for your article to rank, but it will be worth it and is the true definition of PASSIVE INCOME!!!

There are more advanced ways of doing this, but this IS the easiest way to start getting targeted traffic to your website for FREE.

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