Figuring Out How Much To Sell Your Hair For

One of the toughest task for business owners is to decide prices for their products and services.

Experts in the hair industry believe that it is quite difficult to beat the competitive market forces and satisfy customers while meeting own goals for returns.

When you are offering multiple style options; it is important to categorize them with a variable price range to avail solid response from clients.

While making the decision for pricing of your hair; first, it is important to understand your worth in the saturated and overly crowded market.

You need to have a clear idea about how you stand out among competitors and why customers should keep your brand on preference for their needs.

If you are planning to set business for selling hair; it is important to know few factors that are essential for figuring out how much money you can get for your hair.

Below we have discussed few essential points to answer your question how much can I sell my hair for?


Understand your competition:

One of the most important factors of selling hair at a profitable and compelling price range is to have a clear idea about pricing offered by your competitors.

To do this, you need to do some market analysis and collect trusted stats.

When it is important to beat the competitors in the targeted market; prefer to either sell your hair for the same price or choose a little bit higher.

However; you need to prove your skills for that higher price so that clients and customers can feel satisfied.

Go to social media platforms and check styles and techniques offered by your competitors and then prepare your strategy to prove your edge in the market.


Experience matters:

Customers feel annoyed when they do not get services that are expected at the set price range.

Lower quality at a higher price makes them angry.

Experts say that when you are new in the hairstylist business, it is good to set prices on the lower side of the scale.

It will help you to create a win-win situation for your business; they avail styling services at a low price, of course with lesser expectations and you avail a chance to boost your expertise.

With time, as your experience improves, you can raise your prices as well with the quality of service. It will help you determine how much can you sell your hair for.


Service charges:

Pricing may also vary as per the value of service offered for different hairstyles.

It is not good to put the flat price for all styles and hours; the amount must vary as per services provided to clients.

Determine the value of effort, technique and time as they play an essential role in the hair industry.

If your client simply asks you for wash and curl; it may need around 30 minutes to complete the process so the estimated price for service could be somewhere around $50.

In case of a specific haircut or box braids; you can ask more money depending on products, time and techniques utilized.


Location of the salon:

Location of your service terminal also matters a lot for deciding pricing of hair products.

In case if your salon is at some interior location; you will never find clients who are able to spend much amount on hair styling; so it is good to put affordable prices on service packages.

Similarly, the price range will vary for salons located close to middle class societies as well as near well-established societies.

It is observed that wealthy location salons give stylists better opportunities to earn more because in such locations, clients and ready to pay whatever they are asked for.


Investment in the business:

You might have observed that business industry is revolutionizing.

From past few years; most of the people are preferring to set up home-based salons where it becomes little difficult to decide how much can I sell my hair for USA.

Generally, when people turn out one section of their house into the salon, they usually charge lesser money for services.

They often forget to calculate the cost of repairs that they made to modify that one section and higher electricity bills that are overloading the usual house energy consumption.

At the same time; while determining the cost of your hairstyles and services; it is important to consider the cost of products as well that you are using in your salon.

Make sure that your hair appointments are paying you back for your initial as well as ongoing investments.


Pricing for Hair Extensions:

One of the biggest and most popular business these days is hair extensions industry.

It has taken a market like a storm and is booming day by day.

In such situation, many people are thinking about how to make profits from this growing business sector.

Some hair extension sellers are not able to decide the lower side and higher side of the hair extension prices at their store.

In order to make sure your business gets right payments every month; it is important to set hair extension pricing by covering all the related expenses.

There are so many hair extension brands that are providing products and services at competitive price ranges in the market.

If you want to earn more profits, it is important to improve quality of service otherwise you will get terrible feedback from the market.

You can also think about providing wholesale services for customers that need bulk products from your store.

It will improve your market value and returns as well.

Once you are able to decide your pricing, soon you will become able to sell your products and services at the profitable amount.

When you are well-aware of your skills, worth and quality of service; it becomes easier to satisfy customers by all means.

People that feel happy with your business are the real asset, and they can help you to drive more traffic ahead with word of mouth marketing.

After setting up your hair industry; prefer to work for marketing as well and never forget to include the estimated cost of marketing in your pricing as well.

In order to know how much money can I sell my hair for, cover all factors associated with your business finances and it must get positive feedback from the market as well.


Barbara Morise