Tips For Setting Up Your Kiosk In A Mall

What to look out for when opening a kiosk

Are you thinking about opening up a kiosk inside of a mall?

People have found this to be very useful in getting a lot of traffic to their business and a lot of sales.

Along with bundles you NEED pre-made wigs.

The number of women that will buy will most likely buy premade wigs instead of just bundles.

A kiosk is way cheaper than an actual shop and will give you faster insight into what you are doing wrong and right.

Most spaces in physical shops require long term commitments.


Attract people to your kiosk

Attracting the customer, being interactive, and passing out a ton of flyers and free stuff are vital aspects of your hair kiosk.

Make sure that your flyers are showing on the inside and the outside.

If you are having any sales, make sure that it posted where everyone can see from afar.

Be very friendly to your customers and answer all of their questions even if you know they probably aren't going to buy.

The trust you build with them will go a long way especially if you are keeping your kiosk for more than a few months.

Make sure your kiosk is well organized and very clean.

People find a lot of trust in physical locations.



What you should have on your kiosk

You will want mannequins with different styles.

For the empty spaces on your display, you can add any edge control and products you might be selling as well like shampoo, conditioner hair/weave maintenance stuff.

Have a book full of customers wearing your hair.

Be ready and anticipate every question or request they could ask.

Some have suggested a cute little bouquet and a jar with free candy in it.

Make sure your lighting attracts people to your kiosk.

Most of all never give up.

Long lengths will go a long way in attracting a lot of customers.

Use bigger pictures and a glam mirror, or a very prominent display for the hair.

Have a laptop with slide shows or videos of people wearing your hair.


What is some pricing for mall kiosk?

Some kiosk can range from $300-$3000 per month for a six-month lease.

So make sure that spending this much money is what you want to do.

Sometimes it helps to have live models with you at the kiosks.

Barbara MoriseComment