Finding The Right Hair Vendor

How do you know if you found the right vendor?

For the most part the only way to really know if you have found the right vendor is by purchasing a sample and test the hair.

Your going to want to wear the hair for about a month and run it through the grind.

Do a bleach test and a burn test.

Ask open ended questions.

Another great strategy is searching on youtube and contacting the people that have actually bought the hair instead of the youtuber’s opinion.


You can send them something like this. “My name is _ and I’m interested in your products. Specifically your _. Could you message me on WhatsApp at _, look forward to hearing from you.

Try to Negotiate

If I buy (x) amount of product could we do free shipping or a percentage discount.



What questions do you ask your vendor when purchasing raw hair ?

Here are some great questions you can ask your vendor:

Tell me about the hair?

What makes your hair better than everyone else

What do you do to remove the lice in hair?

Are your bundles double wefted or triple wefted?

Whats the difference in your grades?

Is it raw, virgin, or remy?

Are the cuticles aligned?

Is it processed or unprocessed?

Do you have the certificate of authenticity?

Is it hand or machine made.

Where is it sourced from?

Can it be washed/colored/takes heating tools.?



Is it normal for a vendor to charge you a Paypal fee on top of the shipping fee?

Yes in most it will be a 5%- 9% fee on top of the total price.

The reason they do this is because Paypal takes a fee out of the sell so they are charging to make sure they get payed in full.

Some vendors have yet to start doing this so that might be something to look into

If you talk to your legal adviser it might be a tax write off

One thing to note it is actually against PayPal policy for companies to do this.

If you bring this up to a vendor that is trying this they most likely wont charge a fee for fear of being reported





How do I test the hair from vendors?

The main thing to do is to wear the hair for 1-2 months to make sure it is good enough to sell.

Look for light to no hair smell.

The ends should be full and the same texture as the rest of the hair.

Feel to see how soft it is.

cut the wefts to see if it sheds at all.

Bleach a bundle to see if it will go to 613.

Color it to see if it takes it well.

Inspect for short pieces.

Take it to the gym and sweat it in it.

Curl it and see if the curls hold.

Sleep on it without a bonnet.

What are some tips on what to look out for with crappy vendors?

Ask many questions regarding their hair.

Ask for videos of their factory and of them washing the hair, hackling, etc .

Video chat with them and have them show you everything.

Ask for reviews from other customers.

Ask for videos of them sending hair off to other customers. also

Google the vendor and ask for their social media pages.

Find vendors that use PayPal.

Pay through western union only if you trust them.

Look for certain details in their pictures.


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