They Say Your Hair Cost Too Much!!

So people are telling you that your prices are too high.

You are going to hear this a lot.

While it may be tempting to lower your prices just to make the sale, don’t.

Your hair prices reflect the quality of your hair and should always be held to that standard.

If they can’t afford it, they can buy from someone else.

More than likely a couple months from then they will be calling you to buy your hair because the ones they bought from someone else was trash.


Target Audience

If you are always getting told by people that your prices are too high, then you need to take a step back and think about the audience that you are attracting.

Are you passing out cards in the right places

Are your ads focusing too much on an audience that has very little income.?

The irony of Facebook ads is that it will COST you money to advertise to BROKE people.

If you have to, change the city that your ads are targeting.

The name of your business, your logo, etc. should appeal to a particular client.

If your prices are high, then you need to make your company appear high-end.


More than likely your prices are excellent as is.

If you need to ask a Facebook group or another business owner you trust.

Make sure your prices aren’t so low that you aren’t making any money.

Unless it’s a sale, this could be seen as a scam or an indication that your hair is low quality.

This will cause a lot of people to stay away.

Even if you are setting your prices low just to get initial clientele, this is not a good idea.

If you want clientele, you can do a launch sale or sample sale. 

Even bundle deals are a great option.

But the point is to make money still while gaining clients.


Depending on the vendor you buy the hair from they might have a price suggestion list available for you.

And if you're targeting a market to sell woman cheap hair for their sake, it comes at a price.


Complaints, Complaints, Complaints

A woman that buys cheap hair will always buy cheap hair until they “don’t”

One day they are going to do the math and see they are spending 200-400 dollars every month.

And you will be right there waiting.


But the problem with selling your hair to cheap is that people will think that your hair is cheap.

Damned if you do Damned if you don’t.

Don’t worry so much on the price of your hair.

Because if its amazing quality it will eventually sell itself through word of mouth.

Focusing on building trust with your brand.


If I saw this, I would think either the hair is very cheap, or the business is not making any money.

Either way, I would stay away.


I think it's fair to say that the price of your hair is based on the trust people have with your brand.


Cheap customers will always be cheap.

Best Response’s

Here are some of the best responses from other hair business owners when told their hair cost too much:

“Hopefully, you can catch one of my sales!”

I didn't respond. Some things don't require a response.


Refer to someone with a lower price, because I’m not budging.

I'm sorry about that. Don't forget to subscribe and follow to be up to date on sale. Have a great day (that's the kicker)

Thank you for inquiring with Lux4queens hope to earn your business soon.

Our company gives quality care and its market comparable. Know we are here is you reconsider.

I say. I understand... then keep talking. I heard you but those are still my prices.

You want Halle Berry hair but pay Felicia prices girl bye.

I tell customers that if they can show me exactly who is selling it for less, I'll tell them why.

Barbara MoriseComment