Finding A Hair Influencer


The more common type of influencer when it comes to hair is hair reviewers on YouTube.

But as there are many scams out there, you should do your research and talk to the reviewer about any questions you might have.

People can scam their follower base so don’t focus on that.

Focus on how many hit their videos are getting

Pay attention to the comments and what people are saying about the video.

Try to find ones who focus solely on hair and not clothes or makeup.

If the youtuber is getting 20,000 hits on a review video, then it may be worth it to send them the hair for free to review it.

While it is possible to have a lot of sales from someone reviewing your hair because of all of the scams out there now people are becoming more and more skeptical of these reviews.

Keep that in mind.



Other influencers are celebrities that wear extensions.

Celebritie promotion of your hair can be very beneficial if you have the money to spend.

They typically will make 1-3 posts on Instagram about your hair.

Here is a list of celebrities to give you an idea of how much this can cost:

Courtesy of Rod Fowlkes from Build a Brand Brick By Brick

@blacchyna $8500 8.1M

@claudiaalende $2500 6.5M

@Gianna $5000 6.1M

@SaraUnderwood $2000 5.0M

@jojo_babie $2500 4.6M

@yoventura $5500 4.4M

@KayhyzWorld $2400 3.9M

@ULDOUZ. $2500 3.8M

@EmilySears $3500 3.4M

@Lira_Galore. $3000 3.0M

@Aylen25 $2500 2.7M

@Coco $3500 2.7M

@Doroshina $2000 2.5M

@AriannyCeleste $2000 2.4M

@IAmSoDeelishis $2000 2.2M

@MissNikkiiBaby $2000 2.1M

@TheRealJKylie $1600 2.1M

@LaRainasworld $2000 2.0M

@SarahStage $3,000 2.0M

@JoCalLife $2000 2.0M

@_andreeacristina $1,800 2.0M

@RealBerniceBurgos $2000 1.9M

@VeronikaBlack88 $1850 1.9M

@DominiqueChinn $1500 1.8M

@_summerella_ $3000 2.8M

@MissErikaGray $1000 1.6M

@MissMercedesMorr $1500 1.6M

@phfame $1500 1.6M

@SuelynMedeiros $1500 1.5M

@ms_Rosalee $1400 1.5M

@ana_montana $1275 1.4M

@JessicaBurciaga $2000 1.5M

@JessicaKillings $1275 1.4M

@StaciDollENT $1100 1,4M

@Toochi_Kash $1000 1.4M

@ayishadiaz0 $1000 1.3M

@lemybeauty $1500 1.3M

@_andreeacristina $1200 1.3M

@HeatherSanders_ $1250 1.2M

@JessaHinton $1400 1.2M

@RosaAcosta $1250 1.2M

@misslhommedieu $1150 1.2M

@iaaleeyahpetty $1500 1.4M

@Malaysiainthecity $1750 1.1M

@JenaFrumes $1500 1.1M

@GemmaLeeFarrell $1000 1.0M

@TanyaBarbielieder $950 1.0M

@jadahdoll $1500 1.2M

@itselkethestallion $825 950K

@QueenPee $1000 950K

@TiffanyTothXOXO $800 925K

@MasikaKalysha $1500 910K

@IamTaylorHall $875 900K

@imkaylaphillips $875 850K

@itslydboss $750 850K

@KamiahAdams $1000 815K

@Maliah_Michel $800 800K

@cassiiemelinda_ $750 755K

@melissamolinaro $800 745K

@realmissnatalienunn $825 710K

@RubySayed_ $600 700K

@XoXoMehg $525 685K

@MsBirthdaycakez $700 689K

@RPomplun $600 645K

@JessicaCribbon $600 560K

@KateSullivannnn $500 415K

@BrookeEvers $550 475K

@VidaGuerra $400 375K

@WatchDiamondDoll $550 510K

@TattedUpHolly $400 475K

@viviankindle $500 453K

@iamshenekaadams $575 485K

@SarahSOOliver $400 390K

@HeatherRaeYoung $500 460K

@TheRealCamillaP $450 380K

@mercedehallen $425 365K

@Joie.Chavis $500 456K

@allisongreen $300 305K

@AshleyLucero $350 410K

@Jasmin_Jaye $325 300K

@larasebastion $300 255K

@StaceyHashh $300 250K

@mitsyramos $250 185K

@NathaliaSantoro $300 275K

@The_JodieJoe $500 500K

@DreamDoll__ $500 500K

@IAmTreasureP $500 500K

@KaylaRaeReid $425 425K

@MabelynnCapeluj $400 430K

@DessieMitchenson $200 160K

@MayaMichelleRew $200 155K

@Luxiboo $250 210K

@AsiaDee $200 177K

@MsJackyOh $300 320K

@VanessaHanson $250 250K

@JHennyAndradeUFC $250 255K

@MissValKeil $375 355K

@DawnJaro $200 190K

@Justene_J $200 239K

@Miss_AlyssaArce $350 395K

@Ms_AlyssaMariee $150 125K

@Dominiqueletoullec $200 231K

@mizzestefania $200 155K

@Oksana_Rykova $400 390K

@VenessaNieto $225 220K

@Kouture_World $250 270K

@Caitlin__Oconner $350 325K

@MandyCFit $250 150K

@MindySttnPrty $250 250K

@KatPassion $150 115K

@IAmJessicaHall $400 275K

@_danielleruiz $200 145K

@erikamedina $200 160K

@magdaangel $225 250K

@candice_b_ $150 115K

@dearbambi $150 135K

@maraa_jane $100 125K

@pamrodriguez1 $300 217K

@sashadevalle $200 185K

@missjudijai $375 315K

@sophiabody $700 650K

@jasmincalle $300 260K

@jessicalousg $450 455K

@ImLuceroRios $450 301K

@Jaylene_Joye $250 133K

@_brittanydailey $275 240K

@janetguzman___ $200 200K

@MindySttnPrty $265 270K

@Alisha_Berry $400 400K

@ChanellAngelii $500 550K

@nikkiblades $150 115K

@JessicaGiselle_ $150 150K

@shelbychesnes $400 350K

@geebin $250 165K

@franciele_medeiros $425 350K

@iamnikaylaxo $150 130K

@dedeonthebeach $325 325K

@cassandradawnxo $250 145K

@purerodriswimwear $100 95K

@jessiemorrison $200 90K



Hair Salons

If you can make it work, you can have a salon promote your hair to its customers.

And if your hair is of good quality, it will be easy money in your pocket.



How Do I Contact a Hair Influencer?

Just send them an email.

Most will have their business email where everyone can see it.

In your email, you should introduce yourself, state your business and what you offer.

An example would be:

*25% off your hair extensions

*A special link for your followers to use to get 10% off their purchase.

*for each hair sale you produce you'll receive $10

How others feel about hair influencers

Some have found value in it, but the majority have not.

But it comes down to do you want brand awareness or sales.

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