Keeping Control In A Hair Sale

When I first started selling hair I made quite a few mistakes when I was pitching 1 on 1 with possible customers.

I would have control of the situation then end up giving all the power to the customer.

So what do I mean by this?

When you go to someone or someone comes to you because they want to buy hair, you are initially in control of the situation.

Throughout the entire pitch and eventually leading up to the sale you can control the entire situation if you know what to do.

How Much Does The Hair Cost?

This is the question you will hear constantly and it’s a 50/50 question.

Once you answer it you are either going to get the sale or lose it.

And if they say no it cost too much, now you have to justify why they should buy your hair.

What I started doing was not answering the question at all.

Well not initially anyway.

You have to redirect.

When they ask this..ask them instead.” what are you looking for?

There going to say well I want hair that:

Lasts a long time.

Doesn’t tangle.

Doesn’t shed.

Can be dyed.

Get them to say these things.

The point of the conversation is to get them to talk about their pain points.

Such as the last hair they bought was complete garbage and they don’t want to go through that again.

This reminds them why they are coming to YOU to buy hair.


Price Time

So now the conversation is at the point where they just want to know the price.

Here’s an example of what you should say.

“My hair will take care of everything that you are looking for.   Its $400, is that within your budget”

At this point they could say no or yes.

But no one wants to appear that they can’t afford hair especially good hair that solves the problems they have had with other hair.

Leave a comment tell me what you think and how you handled situations like this.



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