Few Tips For You're Hair Pop Up Shop
Courtesy of  Chic Boss Bundles

Courtesy of Chic Boss Bundles

So you are ready to open your first popup shop.

Lets look at some tips that might help you.


Always Bring Wigs

If you are selling bundles make sure you make a couple of wigs.

The majority of your sells will most likely be wigs.

Ladies want convenience.


Have Promo Wigs For Display

These are the ones you don’t sell.

Make sure these promos have good lighting.

A lot of women will run their hands through these make sure you bring antibacterials.



Have Different Textures & Lengths

If your are selling different textures make sure you have those with you.

As well as different lengths.

Have closures and frontals.

Make sure you bring plenty of cards and it’s a good ideal to have a laptop displaying women or you wearing your hair.

Videos of reviews is really good as well.

Women want to imagine how the hair would look on them.


Take Orders

There is a good chance you might not have the hair they want at the moment.

Make sure to take orders and maybe give them a discount if they are willing to wait for the hair to arrive.

Pay Day

Pay day and holidays will be your biggest sales make sure you have enough hair for those days.


Remember even if they don’t buy you are still getting your brand out there.

Win win.

Build relationships and the income will follow.

Network network network.



Bring candies that attract more customers


If you are selling edge control as well make sure you bring samples with you as well.



Take down emails to enter woman into a giveaway

This is important because they are definitely not going to forget about your company anytime soon.



Have your labels on bags and make sure  you put a flyer and 2-3 cards in each bag.

Reason for this is when someone asks where your customer got their hair from she will most likely be able to provide that person with a card.



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