What Is A Hair Brand Ambassador?

Quite simply this is a person that you pay to promote your hair or product.

Finding a Brand Ambassador

How to find the right brand ambassador has a couple of factors you will want to look at:

  • Their Social influence

  • View Count

  • Subscriber Count

  • Will it be a Celebrity

  • Will it be a salon owner or someone that works in the salon

As they are going to work hard to get you sales you should create a nice package for your brand ambassador and provide them with all the tools to bring in the sale.

Brand Ambassador Kit

Your brand ambassador kit should include:

  • Example of this would be clean boxes, silk bags, lots of cards and flyers.

  • A thank you card

  • Maybe some sweets.

  • Include samples that they can showcase

  • Some people have added perfumes, lotions, or face mask , brush, eye patch to the kit

  • Sample of hair treatment based on the type of hair you sale


If they have a huge following, you will want to go all out!!!!


If you want to get in contact with a brand ambassador a simple inbox message will do

The main key is to get as much exposure as possible


A good idea would be to watch other Youtuber’s and see what they received and maybe you will find inspiration from it.


Having a contract is a must I cant stress this enough.

There are a lot of scams out there and you need to keep your business and product safe.

Your contract should be very detailed.


 As far as celebrities go some will charge anywhere from $100-$500 for 24 hours of promoting your hair on their feed or page.

After which they take it down.

Try to find celebs with 600k+ followers

Depending on the celebrity, it can cost your anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 for 3 posts on their Instagram.


You also have to make sure that persons audience is the people you are trying to sell to because most of the time if they are promoting something the people don’t usually wear then still no one will buy it

You should also offer your brand ambassador more than just free hair.

Offer them commission based on the sales they bring in.

The percentage can range from 10-30% based on how many sales they are bringing in


So what Is the best way to hire or contact a brand ambassador for your hair business

There are some Facebook groups that are pretty active with people looking to be brand ambassadors


Some people will do it just for the free hair.

If you are just starting out you may not have the option to just give out free hair.  So you will have to find someone that is willing to buy your hair maybe at a discount and then give them a percentage of hair sells that they bring in


Don’t allow them to promote any other business while promoting your hair


How to get in touch with celebrities to wear your hair

The easiest way to do this is just by simply going on their Instagram page and finding their booking info.

Get in touch with them through email or phone.

Most likely you will talking to their manager the whole time.

You will more than likely need to provide the hair for free.


Large Following vs Influencers

This is something you really need to pay close attention to.

Finding someone that has 1 million followers and will only charge you a couple hundred bucks might sound enticing but if the people that follow them aren’t focused on hair then you will see a lot of traffic and little to no sells.

An influencer is the type of person Chinese companies hire to promote their hair. 

These are the typically the hair reviewers you find on Youtube. 

This is valuable because all of their followers/subscribers are focused on one thing. HAIR!!


Instagram Influencers

More reasonably priced

They have a huge following and will only charge around $25.

A following of 2,000 or  more is a reasonable start

A following of 500k+ even better.


Upcoming Youtubers

This is a great option because like you they are starting a business and for the most part will go above and beyond to deliver something worthwhile.

Also its another video for them to put on their profile.

I have an update list of Youtubers that are looking for new clients to review hair for in this article:------------


How to track traffic from your brand ambassador

An easy to track their traffic is by creating a coupon code specific to them.

Bilty is another way to see how much traffic is coming from the hair brand ambassador.

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