Finding Ladies To Model Your Hair

This is important because people are more likely to buy your hair when you show models wearing it.


So you need ladies to model your hair.

Should you give it away?

Offer a discount?

A very good option is to offer them hair for free in exchange for their services.

Whether that’s at a venue or pictures for your website.


Hire Models At No Cost To You

The best way to find models that will work for free is by going to the local college campuses.

It is an absolute gold mine.

Nowadays people are doing anything for a feature or a few extra likes and follows.

Aspiring actors and models need photos for their profile.

And they can add that photo shoot to their resumes.

If you sell or make wigs you can always have the ladies model the hair and return it to you after the photo shoot.

Another option is selling the hair to the models for wholesale price.

You can try putting out a model ad.

Friends and Family

This is a good option as you can trust them with your hair more than some random.

 Fashion Retailer

 Partner with a fashion retailer that has photo shoots of their clothing/products.

 They always need hair and makeup done so offer to supply hair and make sure you get images from the shoot.

This is a simple way to help each other for little or no cost.

Hair Stylist

Partner with several stylist.

You can start a brand ambassador program to encourage beauty bloggers, and influencer to promote your photos.

Another option is reach out to influencers in the beauty industry.

How do you go about starting a brand ambassador program?

There are several different variations of a brand ambassador program.

Here are a couple:

  • If your customers tag you in a selfie off the new hair offer them a 10% discount on their next purchase.

  • You can run a referral program where you give them a % of the profit every time they bring you a client.

  • If they send 2 people to you they get a free bundle.

  • Offer a Loyal Customer Card that gives them a free bundle after 5 purchases or if they spend more the (x) amount of dollars.

  • You can offer free hair to woman that a good following. (This option really needs to be worth your while)

  • Free shipping on anything they order from you.

If you decide to go the brand ambassador route make sure you have a contract as there are a lot of scams out there nowadays.

Make sure their followers or views aren’t fake.


Team up with a fashion brand.

  If you provide the hair they will let you use the photos for free.


Local photographers can be a budget friendly option.

They usually have cheaper rates

The common cost for hiring a photographer can be $450-$1000 depending on your hair company needs. 

Most of the time this usually include professional editing.

Around 400-500 for the hairstylist, the clothing, and whether or not you provide food.

Goodie bags will cost around $30.

If there is a college nearby. Some students will even do it and edit the photos for free or extremely cheap.


Do you need to do a photo shoot before you set up your Website?

You don’t you can always save up for your photo shoot.

Remember you don’t have to do everything at once.

Take it slow and don’t go broke.

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