Few Reason's Why Other's Started Their Hair Business

“The average millionaire has 5 sources of income”

If you need a little Inspiration here are a few reasons why some woman start a hair business:

  • To help more Women Who Suffer Hair Loss

  • Empower women and make money to feed my family!

  • Make extra money & set a good example for my kids

  • Take my family out the hood, and maintain an solid foundation for my family.

  • To simply elevate every kind of way

  • To offer a total beauty enhancing service

  • To promote African American beauty

  • To stop the bad weave sellers and give out quality!

  • To make my customers happy and to have my daughter legacy go on,and make plenty of money

  • Tired of wasting money on poor quality hair

  • So my daughter can make everyone at her school jealous

  • To help pay for school

  • To become financially free of debt

  • Passive income while i work towards being one of the top beauticians in the country

  • Not working and need to support the family

  • I want to start a nonprofit and my hair business will be associated with it

  • I want to leave a legacy of ownership to my children and so on.

  • Self sufficient

  • Strongly believe in multiple sources of income

  • Financial Freedom

  • Want to leave a Legacy

  • Sheer love of new hair and new styles

  • Disabled and not able to work

  • More time to spend with your fast growing kids.

  • Tired of working for other companies that don’t appreciate your work

  • Tired of being poor

  • Ready for a new adventure

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