To-Do List Before You Launch Your Hair Business

Before you launch your hair business there are a few steps you should consider


People have found that if they promote their hair business at least 2 month before people get familiar with you brand and you end up easily getting your first sales.

Social Media ( this includes facebook, instagram, snapchat, and word of mouth)

If your using Facebook Shop make sure it’s working properly.


Start taking pictures of yourself wearing the hair

If you need to get your hair done do it.

These pictures are going to help build hype for  your new brand.

If you have a friend you can trust, give them the hair for free and take pictures of them wearing it

Make sure you have good lighting.

If you already have pictures on Instagram DON’T DELETE them just archive them because Instagram will downgrade your profile rating


Narrow down your vendor

This kind of goes without saying but find your vendor or vendors for the type of hair you will be selling. 

This Is a process that can sometimes take a while so be patient.

Test your hair

This is by far the most important step. 

Always test your hair before you sell it.  If you start selling the hair before you test you might be in for some surprises that you definitely wont like.


Make sure all of your designs are in order such as your bundle wraps, satin bags, logos etc.


Have your business cards and flyers ready

As well as t shirts, pens, car stickers.


Make sure your website is up and running and works properly.

You don’t have to have a website but it saves a lot of repeat questions.

It looks more professional having a website on your business cards.

But you will definitely want to have a website in the future.



Buy some plastic bins to store your hair in.

Hangers to hang your wet hair.

Clean containers to co wash imported hair.


Stay organized

One of the most important things when selling hair is making sure you stay organized.

This also includes keeping track of income and expenditures.

Barbara MoriseComment