Tips For Making That First Hair Sale

So youre business is up and running and ready to go.

That first sale can impact not only your future but can give you the drive to take your hair business where you want it to go.

It lets you know “Hey I can do this!!!.”

And there is a possibility that you can make this a full business.

The amount of motivation it brings is unprecedented.

What Are Some Ways You Can Grab That First Sale

Hire a brand ambassador

They will promote your hair for a fee or for discounted or free hair

Wear your hair and post it on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook

You can make a post on Instagram offering free shipping the same day.

Network and let people know you sale hair

Facebook ads

Check out this article: How to Get 200% More Hair Sales in 14 days (New Strategy + Case Study)

Run a promotion to engage customers.

Shopify and Ebay

Don’t limit the platforms you can use to make money

Many have found a lot of success using Shopify and the first ever hair selling app was released by the company Private Label Extensions

Make sure you’re website is working

A lot of times you made not be getting that first sale simply because your website isn’t functioning properly.

Test your website as if you are a buyer.


See if your family members are willing to pass out cards to their friends or coworkers

Facebook Group

Find a Facebook group that will allow you to post an ad everyday promoting your hair.

There aren’’t many out there but there are a few.

Sell Whats Popular

Focusing on selling the most popular lengths and types of hair.

For the most part this is trend based.

Usually from the type of styles celebrities or wearing or the season


If you make wigs give them to girls or models you know. 

Have them take pictures and videos and post them.

But make sure you get your wigs back.

People seem to get more engagement through Instagram than Facebook.

Barbara MoriseComment