Not Having The Hair On Hand

More often than not you will always lose the sell if you don’t have the hair on hand.

Reason being is because a majority of woman want the hair that day.

This is how I lost a lot of my personal sales.

The only thing that I have found where this isn’t the case is when loyal clients refuse to use anyone else. 

But majority of the time they are inquiring about the hair in advance because they know I might not have it and that it will take some time to get to me.

If you simply can’t afford to lose the sale then here are some options that might help you keep your client.

Offer them a discount when the hair comes in

I’ve done this quite a few time where I will knock off $10-$15 if I have to order the hair.  I would say its about a %50 success rate.


If they are willing to wait and buy the hair then you can enter them into a giveaway.

If your markup is high you may even be able to offer them a free bundle.

This is only if you’re still making money.

The key is to create a client not just a customer. 

You create neither if they never try your hair out in the first place.


Having inventory is so important.

Even if you have just a few bundles.

Some is better than none at all.

But what is more important is having the popular lengths because these lengths are going to sell faster.

But you will hit a moment in this business where you just wont have the inventory and will just have to bite the bullet

Another great strategy is actually having popular bundles with you if not at least samples.

Having them touch the hair increases their chance of buying.

I cover this more in-depth in this article: How To Know If Your Customers Want To Buy Your Hair


Always Always Always make sure you reinvest the money you make from sales to buying more hair.

Most people order straight and body wave.

Order plenty of those and start saving up for closures.

Contact Info

One thing to make sure is to keep their contact info and the bundles that they were requesting.

Reason for this is because more often than not the hair that they end up buying from someone else only lasts about 2-3 weeks.

Which by the way is around the same time you should contact them telling them that you have their hair requests in stock.

If they buy the hair you offer them make sure to send a little gift with it as well.

Nothing is better than a loyal customer.

Sometimes when you think you have lost the sale some come back to buy from you later on down the road.

If all else fails and you just know you’re not going to make the sale, at least answer all of their questions.

This creates trust which will eventually lead to a sell.

Barbara MoriseComment