My Facebook Ad Is Getting Lot's Of Views But No Hair Sales

So you started your first Facebook or Instagram ad and your getting a lot of views but not a lot of interaction or sales.

You might be asking your self what is going on.

Writing ads (Copywriting) is not something that you need to go to school for but it is something that requires you to think outside of the box.

Mainly because the hair market Is so saturated with Chinese hair ads who are able to spend $100,000 a month to keep the their ads going.

Believe me.

Copywriting is the most valuable skill you can have in the hair business.

And it’s the one that has made me the most money.

Ads will connect to millions of people so that you can make money while you sleep

A lot of ads fail because the ad is focused on the business itself and not the emotion that’s driving woman to buy the hair in the first place.

For example if my ad says:

 “ I Have Been Selling Hair for over 15 years “ --- Customer says, “So What”

“ My Hair Is The Best ”--- Customer says, “Ya Right Heard That Before”

These kinds of ads go no where.

Reason is because they don’t solve the customers problem and the customer doesn’t know you or your product yet no matter how good it is.

You need to appeal to your customers emotion

Does the hair shed?

Does the hair stink?

Does the hair tangle?

Does the hair mat?

All of these are emotions and feelings.

Remember “people buy through emotion and justify it with logic”



You need a ad copy that will work and convert.

Write the way you speak


If your going to advertise with Facebook, most of the time they will give you a $30 credit to start your promotions.

Targeting your audience

So on top of emotion you need to target your audience.

The way that I found works best is targeting woman that like a business that’s known to have a lot of problems such as “bad smell”. 

I go more in depth with this method in this article: How To Get 200% More Hair Sales in 14 Days (New Strategy + Case Study)

If you want to stay local, then advertise within (x) amount of miles from your business.

If you want to create brand awareness then advertise across country



How Does Charging Work?

Well you will be charged as soon as you hit your limit or at the end of the month so don’t be alarmed when you see a random bill come out of your bank account from facebook.


If your business page is brand new, don’t focus on using ads to convert to sales.  Focusing on getting likes.  With likes come trust.  The more likes you have the easier it will be for your targeted sales ads to convert.


Best time to run ads

The best date by far to run an ad is tax return time.

Holidays are always a good time

Woman have money that they are ready to spend on hair.


You’re “LIKE” Count Matters

Before you boost an ad try to have friends and famliliy like your business page.

Likes count is a trust signal and plays a big part on whether you get sales or not from your ad.


Still Stuck?

A lot of woman in hair facebook groups host free webinars on how to get started with facebook ads.

Search for those in the groups.


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