How Much Hair Inventory Should I Start Out With?

So you found a vendor that you like.

Now it’s time see how many bundles you will need to start out with.

The average bundles women start out with is 12 bundles and 2 closures

This should take you about a month or less to sell your full inventory.

If you are scared to make a big purchase, start out with samples and have your customers see and feel it.

By samples I mean the 10” not the really tiny sample kits.

Then they can give you a better idea of what they want.

The most popular lengths in body wave are 16”-22”

Loose Wave and Straight (depending on the type of hair you are selling) its 16”-20”

After that its 12” 14” 16”

Once you sell the hair you order make sure you take the money you make to restock the original lengths and textures and use the profit to buy different lengths and textures.

Instead of ordering in bulk just place orders as you sell

Barbara MoriseComment