Best Website Platform To Use For Drop Shipping Hair

With the advent of digital media, most of the Hair entrepreneurs these days are making efforts to promote their business online.

They make efforts to target more audience online with the help of marketing campaigns.

But in order to bring more traffic to your business, first of all, it is important to create an intuitive and unique website terminal.

Having a website online can help you to maintain the impression of your hair business.

But as there are several web designing platforms online, most new age business owners these days are confused about which one of these is more suitable to avail desired results.

The drop shipping hair business needs a platform that ensures easy distribution and management of product packages.

Some of the most preferred options for e-commerce set-up are WordPress, Shopify, and Wix.

But if you are not able to decide which one of these can suit your niche, it is good to explore their individual pros and cons.

Below we have highlighted a few essential details about each one of these drop shipping hair business website designing tools to ease your decision-making process:

WordPress Vs. Wix Vs. Shopify for Drop Shipping Hair Business:

In case if you have a design background or are thinking of hiring a web developer for your drop shipping hair business, it is good to work with WordPress platform.

This tool has huge potential to build a highly interactive and user-friendly website.

Although the learning curve in case of WordPress is much steeper as compared to the Shopify, it ensures better control on almost all features with ease.

Moreover, you can enjoy single purchase plugins instead of investing in new packages every month or paying a huge amount for subscription-based access.

At the same time, WordPress platform provides more free access to the essential tools that can make your website look more beautiful and user-friendly.

Those who are not aware of the design concepts and there is no point in hiring a specialized web designer in the staff at the beginning stage of the business; it is much better to look for Shopify.

Although it is a little expensive as you have to pay for a monthly subscription; but you will find its plugins quite easier to integrate.

The drop shipping business demands more attention to store management and trouble-free product delivery requirements; Shopify can handle all these needs with its advanced tools.

Experts reveal that if you want to add some heavy content components to your drop shipping hair business website; it is better to start with the WordPress platform.

It is observed that Shopify does not provide satisfactory services to the websites that integrate more content for their extensive e-commerce offerings.

In case if we talk about Wix as compared to Shopify, it can help you to get almost 50% higher range of features one same price.

Even the basic Wix drop shipping business website plan allow budget-friendly purchase with the easy availability of coupon codes.

On the other side, Shopify has reserved all its coupon codes to high-end packages.

Many professionals believe that Wix even offers more flexibility in terms of web design and its simple drag and drop features lead to highly customized design.

It also allows business owners to add an online chat platform to the website so that they can ask instant questions about desired hair products.

The support system is also very advance, and it can ensure you long-term benefits for your drop shipping hair business.

But at the same time, Wix also has few disadvantages; the first one is its slow and laggy interface.

The webpages also take a longer time to load, and it can annoy your customers more.

The most unpleasant thing to know about Wix platform is that it does not provide satisfactory support for mobile platforms or in simple terms, it lacks in terms of optimization.

The Eco-system of Shopify is more useful and reliable as compared to the Wix. 

Most professionals recommend using WordPress to enjoy the professional level experience and more returns.

Although you need to hire a skilled professional to handle all the updates at the back end, there are many incredible features to compensate for this drawback.

Most importantly, WordPress offers unlimited themes and attractive and easy to use plugins.

At the beginning stage of your business, you may need lesser resources, but as the business grows, the requirements also keep on increasing.

This point is well understood by service providers at WordPress, and they are always ready to serve the growth requirements of clients.

Your drop shipping hair business will ensure higher growth rate with this platform.

The best recommendation in terms of professional features and extension options is definitely the WordPress platform.

But if you are more interested in saving more on website development, prefer to look for best promo codes with Wix. Shopify is the legend in terms of wide range of simplicity of design tools.

 How much should your pricing be?

If your using an actual hair Drop shipping company they will usually provide the suggested prices so that you are still making a profit

So who’s the best?

People have found Wix to be the most user friendly.


If your Wix website is not designed correctly it can look cheap and unappealing.

But the page load times for Wix can be pretty slow and this alone can cause you to lose sales. Also its a strike against you on GOOGLE Search Engines.

Wix websites are VERY recognizable.

Starts out free and ends with a cost to upgrade.


Extremely easy to create your own website.

Easy to manage.

Easy to navigate.

Easy to learn.

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