Tips For Finding The Right Name For Your Hair Business

So you are at the stage in your hair business where you need to come up with a name.

I think this process is the simplest yet hardest thing you will ever have to do.

Because if you end up not liking your name later on down the road you will have to re brand everything if you want to change.

That means buying new cards, banners, stickers, flyers, and maybe even a new domain name.

There are certain things you need to have in mind when coming up with a name so let’s go through all of them.


Celebrity Interview

I want you to imagine that you sell hair to celebrities.

Now lets say that the celebrity is doing an interview and the interviewer asks her where she got her hair from.

Think of the kind of name that the celebrity would say.

Every time I do this I always think of something French.

“This is the Pierre Lenior Collection, We We”

But all jokes aside think big and make sure that your name fits that persona.

Really focusing on down the line when your company name is a brand.

 Will people be able to spell your name?

This is a problem a lot of people run into.

Some name are so hard to spell that the referral you would have gotten is lost.

Keep your name as professional as possible.

Now the flip side of this is if you already have a following and thats the name your followers know you by don’t change it.

If you brand correctly you can use any name you like.

Is Your Name Too Long?

I see this a lot with names being like 4-6 words sometimes.

You really want to stick to 3 words or less.

And if the words are long you will need to abbreviate it.

 One of my hair companies IHI stands for Indian Hair Independent. 

Way too long to put on cards or even to have coming out of people’s mouths.

So I shortened it to IHI. was taken so added bundles to the end of it

Easy to say, easy to remember.

Remember your name is going to have to fit on flyers, banners, cards, etc.



Is Your Name Taken?

Making sure your name isn’t already taken is important before you start investing your brand into it.

If you name is taken and you really like it get creative

Add Bundles to the end of it or figure out a way to abbreviate it somehow.


I found that some of the easiest ways to come up with a name is through the constant emotion women feel about hair. Example (Has emotion and is easy to remember).


How Some People Came Up With Their Names

  • Named its after themselves because their name has a lot of meaning

  • Nicknames people gave them when they were younger based on their type of personality.

  • Name came from their spouses

  • Can be based on what you love about certain things such as something be soft or luxurious

  • Your name plus the name of your spouse

  • Different language that would flow well with a brand

  • Use a play on nouns (one great example is a company call Jella’Sea Hair Co.  Her hair comes from overseas and she changed the word jealousy.

  • Ask a customer what they think your name should be if you don’t already have a set one.  How did you make them feel?

  • Name based on your family roots

  • You can take the first initial of your name and add something that describes yourself

  • Find a meaning of a name in a different language.

  • Based on your style

  • The city you’re from

Examples from Hair Money Making Facebook Group

  • Deja Nicole Hair Boutique

  • BossyCollextion

  • Classy Ceda/Hair of Elegance




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