How To Know If Your Customers Want To Buy Your Hair

Here are a few things that I have found to know that a customer I am showing my hair to is either ready to buy or will buy in the future.


When it comes to selling hair nothing is stronger than one on one with the customer so these buying signals will apply to that scenario.

Your customer is touching the hair

If you are explaining all the benefits of your hair and they are nodding at everything you say while running their hands through it, you’ve got em.

When a customer is asking what size you have or what colors do you have available.

If you have the size they are looking for they will be more likely to buy.

Most of my sales that I have lost was because I didn’t have the size they needed at the time.

They are talking to you about how good the Hair would look at (event)

Most women buy through emotion.

That emotion usually stems from an upcoming event or the hair they have in now is a rat trap.

In their minds they are already visualizing how jealous their friends will be and what they are going to wear with the hair or how they are going to style it.

If they are telling you how much better their life will be with this hair you’ve got them.

They ask you about your prices

Some might come out and just say, “How much is it.”

Or do you have a a layaway program?

Do you have any bundle deals or discounts?

They want to know how soon they will have the hair.

My top sales came from having the hair on hand with the lengths they were looking for.

Most customers are not willing to wait 3-7 days to get their hair.

Some are if they you have a quality product and you have built a trust with them but the majority have events coming up and will not wait that long.

They want to know how long the hair will last

This is probably the most emotional fear based question you will get asked.

Usually this stems from your customer having a bad sometimes nightmare experience with previous hair that they bought from another company.

They want to buy the hair but they are cautious and have some concerns.

If you can make them feel comfortable and give them assurances, they will buy.

And if your product is good they will be a loyal customer, which to me is the most valuable thing in the hair business.

Barbara Morise