A Unique Buy Option For Your Hair Customers

With each passing year more and more women are opting for hair bundles.

They prefer to use unique extensions to create an eye-catching look on different occasions.

The hair bundle technology is on the boom, and most ladies are searching for some budget-friendly deals.

In this scenario, hair layaway payment options are the really amazing choice for everyone.

If your client is not in a mood to make a huge investment at once to buy hair bundles; you should advise them to look at your layaway program.

In this case, they can purchase bundles of their choice by spreading payments over time.

Indeed, there is no need to make full payment at the time of purchase rather your client can get a 20%-60% or 30%-70% offer where a small amount is required to be paid at the first time and rest they can pay in installments.

Depending upon your hair layaway payment plan, you can have 30 to 90 days for them to make payment for the full balance.

As soon as the payment is completed, they will receive your order at your doorstep.

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Some of you might be interested to know in-depth details about a hair layaway payment plan.

Below I have highlighted a few details about this payment option:

Essential facts about layaway payment plan:

In most cases, your layaway contracts exist for 90 days; however, the plan may vary as per offers provided by you.

Choose the types of products you want available on the layaway plan, and your client can enjoy easy purchase with their limited monthly income.

Once they make their initial payment, they should have 30 to 90 days for covering the rest of the amount.

Depending upon your chosen payment plan, all payments after the down payment are automatically deducted from your clients PayPal on the pre-specified date of payment.

Note that, all these payments are made online, so you need not worry anything.

Some of you might be interested to know whether it is possible for your client to cancel the layaway hair plan order or not.


The great news is that they can cancel the order at any time and you as the sellers will provide you with a full refund for your order.

Hence, layaway purchase is always safe and easy options for all hair and hair care products.

If you need to you can also charge a cancellation fee. This is a good ideal especially if you had to order the hair.

How will they enroll for a hair layaway payment plan?

The process of placing an order as per the hair layaway plan is quite easier.

All that you need to do is contact professionals on seller’s website and fix the price as per the most suitable offer.

They will provide you a few basic details for order confirmation, it will include the first name, last name, details of the order including length, quantity and product name/code, contact details, and shipping address.

You should provide them with options to set their payment choices with layaway program.

It can be done within 30 business days or 90 business days depending upon available offer.

Note that the payment amount also includes a small service fee.

Note that the layaway products do not have any kind of price adjustments.

The hair layaway plans allow ladies to choose best bundles for their personality without even posing a burden on their limited income.

Such kind of purchase provide complete peace of mind, and it is a great option for managing your budget as well.

Moreover, the service providers also provide special discount offers for military people and students.

The amount may also keep on varying as per current promotions.

Layaway contracts can help your clients enjoy a new hairstyle on different occasions.

Your clients friends and relatives will always appreciate their new look, and it will even bring a big smile on your face without any tension related to the heavy payments.

You can visit your official website to check all available offers.

Whether they love to wear human hair or need some stylish extensions to enhance your style; you can buy all the attractive products with layaway offers.

Service providers even accept debit cards and credit cards for layaway payment, so it is not always compulsory to use PayPal only.

Your client can get their hair at their doorsteps within a few weeks by making full payment in small installments.

This is the simplest trick for you as a seller to pursue your passion and for your clients to enjoy the dream hairstyle as well.

If they have different hair styling plans for the upcoming wedding season or on other occasions,

I advise they to place an order for the best set of hair bundles with a layaway payment option.

Soon they will be able to impress everyone around you with your unique personality.

They will be ready to enjoy a special Christmas, Halloween or birthday special purchase to get your product without creating a debt for themselves

The Layaway payment plans can help your client pay as per their budget range.


Barbara Morise