Simple Strategy To Attract More Customers To Your Hair Business

Most of the people in the Hair Industry these days are searching for the best ways to sell their products to consumers.

If you are also planning to start a hair business, I advise you to find unique ways to convince your customers to buy from you.

Experts in the marketing world advise using advanced tricks and strategies to sell their hair extensions/bundles.

Below I have highlighted few trusted techniques to boost your sales and returns in the hair business.

Create some attractions for your hair business:

When you have opened a new hair business, it is important to use some strategies to attract more customers.

Here I am talking about a powerful selling technique that is not well known but used by many HUGE companies.

It is quite simple as well; even beginners can implement it with ease.

The outer appearance of the product creates a unique impact on buyers.

When you offer them a single option for purchase at your store; they have a simple decision to make.

Either they are going to buy it, or they are going to ignore it.

Simple: Yes or No type response.

Most of the time people prefer to consider the price of your hair and will try to compare it with other options in the market. (You don’t want them to do this)

If you have a SINGLE offer in the hair extensions or hair care products; people wont pay much attention to your business.

It will appear like nothing more than an option for them among soooo many other products available in the market.

So what happens if you add one more product to your collection?

Now people have two option to compare at your store.

It is like a small hair care product and a larger pack of the same product.

You can offer more discount on the larger pack and create the smaller pack as an option for people who need to carry it during travel hours.

At this state, they will think like whether I should buy the smaller pack or, the larger one.

The fact is that, before customers think of any other business, they will find more interest in your collection.

This trick works perfectly with almost all hair care products and can bring you more returns online.

Another great option is to add three offers to your packages.

Addition of a jumbo pack to the smaller and the medium one will be a great opportunity to boost your sales.

It is one of the most powerful selling techniques.

People find more interest in your products when they have multiple options .

Whether you are dealing with hair extensions or are selling some hair care products; multiple offers are more useful to attract more buyers.

But in this case, you have to use a strategy to assist people in easy decision making.

In most cases, people find more interest in the middle option.

Around 20% of people will think of the smallest package, other 20% will think about the jumbo pack, but there are 60% people who would love to invest in the middle one.

It is just like a silver, gold and platinum option where most of the buyers consider gold as a balanced choice and feel safer while investing in it.

K so lets apply this to hair.

Lets say you were selling 3 different types of hair (only an example. Apply it to your business as you see fit)

  • Malaysian

  • Indian

  • Russian

So lets say that the Malaysian hair lasts for 6 weeks and will cost the customer $240 for 3 bundles

The Indian lasts for 2 years and will cost the customers $560 for 3 bundles

And the Russian hair lasts for 2 years cost $1500 for 3 bundles

This is called contrast pricing.

You want to make your biggest offer to be so outrageous that you know most people will not buy.

In this case its the Russian bundles

Now you want to make your smallest offer so average and unappealing that it doesn’t really get people excited.

And that would be the Malaysian Bundles.

But you want to make the middle one so appealing that you know most people will buy.

The Indian bundles

Now these are just an example but you can apply it to your business accordingly.

This isn’t a new strategy.

You find it most widely used in the fast food industry when it comes to ordering drinks.




Most people go with the medium to play it safe.

The middle makes up for a bout 60% of the buys.

Some might think that you should add more.

But the fact is that this strategy loses its power as you increase the number of options.

The most balanced and reliable option is maximum 3 options.

With 4 options in hand, people feel more confused, and they are not able to make a quick decision about a purchase.

Create some win-win condition for your audience and let them enjoy the best offers at your business can provide such as discounts on their next purchase/

In order to grab the attention of more buyers, you can promote your offers, package ranges and new collections on social media.

It is the best way to attract new customers to your business terminal.

Most of the hair bundle buyers online look for offers available online and your social media promotion can direct more traffic to your page.

Putting some additional features to each one of your hair bundle packages can make it more valuable for the buyers.

With this, instead of moving to the other competitors, buyers would love to stick to your hair company to enjoy a variety of best buy offers.

100% human hair weave bundles are one great demand these days, and your online selling platform can become more popular with a few simple marketing tricks.

Try to make your product more attractive with more features, and soon you will serve more buyers online.

Highlight the essential features of your hair bundles and write an enticing summary of your business.

I have about 8 hair websites now and for a while I only listed 1 specific type of hair for women to buy.

I wanted these sites to be very niche specific and I wanted to test certain aspects of SEO on them.

They make money here and there but as soon as I started using the above strategy the sales went up 10% sometimes 20%.

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